Don't Let Dead Branches Ruin Your Tree

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Beautiful trees don't appear overnight. Keeping up with their maintenance needs is crucial to their health. Tree trimming is an essential task that eliminates dead ends and diseased branches so your tree can flourish.

Expert Tree Service provides small and large tree trimming service in Lake Katrine, NY and the surrounding area. Reach out to our team today to schedule your appointment.

Big or small, we trim them all

Big or small, we trim them all

You may think that leaving your trees alone is best for their health. However, not paying attention to slight changes in their shape actually does more harm than good. Discover why you need to add tree trimming to your lawn maintenance routine:

  • Removing dead ends improves the tree's appearance
  • Cutting overgrown branches lets sunlight in
  • Tree trimming can expose problems like pests and disease

Our team of certified climbers has the skills and equipment needed, like bucket trucks, to trim trees both large and small.

If you're in Lake Katrine, NY or the surrounding area call now to schedule your large tree trimming appointment.