"I would like to thank you on behalf of Boy Scout Troop 135 for your incredibly generous donation of the logs and use of the log splitter for our community service project which was to provide a family in need wood to heat their house with.

We cut and split the wood two Saturdays in a row with 5 Scouts working each day. The family could not believe all of the trips we were able to make to their house to deliver the split wood. From what Laura Sexton told our troop, they were very, very gracious for the help we gave to them.

Again I thank you for coming to the rescue for us when we needed the help helping others in the community less fortunate. "

LIZ MELICK, Scout Master, Boy Scout Troop 135, Glasco, NY

"I want to thank all of you for the most impressive job of removing four large trees from my property.

It is evident that you and your men take great pride on your work. The knowledge and experience you have learned from your grandfather and father have now been passed on to the fourth generation, Keith Jr. You and your son have imparted this knowledge and pride to the men working with you.

I had a concern about driving heavy equipment over my lawn, but great care was taken to minimize any trauma. A tarp and gravel were spread to protect the slope.
Your clean-up process is remarkable. My niehgbors were as impressed as I am. I am also impressed with the insurance coverage you have.

But I think the things that impressed me most were your reliability, dependability, and honesty. In this day and age, I am finding it more and more difficult to find dependable help.
I enjoyed meeting all of you, and will recommend your company without reservation. Good luck.. stay well.. stay safe!!"


"Thank you so much for your wonderful tree work on our property!!
We had many 100-foot white pine trees leaning dangerously over our house and garage, and you were able to remove them all with absolutely no damage to our roofs, skylights, and decks.

Our lawn and other vegetation were also treated with care, and the crew was police and good natured.

We also appreciated that you and your crew began the work on the day you had promised, worked eery day until the job was complete, and the project ended right on schedule!
We are recommended Expert Tree Service to our friends, and will call again whenever we need tree service.

Thank You again for an amazing job!"


"We were getting estimates for cutting a small to medium sized tree down and trim back of branches on other tree. keith came with copies of references, insurance, angie's list award and short history of company for us to keep. we felt this was a time saver and very professional. with that and excellent marks on angie's list, we felt he was honest and trustworthy. he was very professional, personable and punctual."


"His crew came well prepared for the job and were meticulous with the work. Everything I asked them to do they did with precision. They had to climb both trees because their bucket truck wouldn't fit into my backyard. The cutter was able to cut the large branches and direct them away from a bush that was just beneath the tree we wanted to save. The other workers cleaned up the yard and chipped the large branches for me to keep. The black birch was cut into 16 inch pieces and then they helped me move each piece so I could split the wood with my wood splitter. The workers were all very kind and conscientious. I was very satisfied with the job done and will use them in the future if need be."


"Very impressed by the expertise and everything about our experience with this company.They were punctual and the fellas were gentlemen, nice, and knew what they were doing. They did a wonderful job. Trees were close to electric wires so their expertise was important. They also cleaned up the area and left it in tip-top shape.. Great company in every way. I would definitely recommend them."


"A windstorm knocked down half of a huge double oak tree next to our house, knocking over another tree in the process. Expert came over to assess the situation, gave me an estimate and after the OK, came over the next day to begin work. They had all sorts of equipment including a cherry-picker and a brush grinder. They made quick work of the downed trees and cut the remainder of the oak. It was right next to the house and could have done serious damage if it fell the wrong way. Expert brought it down without a hitch, ground up the branches and small limbs, ground up the stumps and left me a lot of the oak bucked to my requested length so I could split it for firewood."


"They arrived early each day and left early evening. They cleaned up our yard and neighbors when they were done. A highly professional job."


"They took down 1 large Mimosa tree, ground two stumps to ground level and raked it in. Raked every speck of debris from area. They took great care with my driveway and lawn. Arrived promptly to give us the estimate (within hours after my call). Did the job as promised and were done in a matter of about two hours. I would HIGHLY recommend these guys and plan to have them back again to do more work."


"We have a small apartment complex with some tall tree hanging over the building. There were 5 problem trees all close to the building and questionable in a storm. Expert Tree Service brought in two bucket trucks, 8 husky lads and 6 feet line of chain saws. These trees were not for amateurs. The crew arrived at 7:30 AM, got right to work, didn't take any breaks until lunch, got back to work and cleaned up beautifully by 3PM. Expert Tree Service was quick to respond to our request to see what we needed and give us an accurate offer. They were a pleasure to work with on the details and none of those details changed when the job was done. Everything went as they had promised , arrived on time and the price was as we'd agreed. They came in with a large crew and all the correct equipment and cleaned up afterwords. I gave them an A+ on all rating except price. That's my fault because nobodies perfect and I'm basically cheap. The price was very fair even by my cheap b****** standards. I would recommend Expert Tree Service to anyone that wants a hassle free job done well."


"They removed a very large Norwegian Spruce which towered over my house and was going up through the power lines. They ground down the stump and the exposed roots. There is no evidence that there was ever a tree there! I bought a historic home which was almost invisible from the road due to the enormous tree in front. There was an out-of-control Norwegian Spruce which had been planted way too close to the house and I was afraid it would fall on the house. Keith Hughes came the same day that I called him to look at the job. He was very pleasant and explained in detail what had to be done. He showed me his certificates of insurance and several reference letters. Keith explained about how they put wood down to prevent damage to the lawn and said they would clean up thoroughly. He suggested having the stump ground down, which I agreed to. The work was done the same week. I was not there when they were working, but could not believe how immaculate the property was left. They even took up the walkway pavers and ground down the roots which had been causing them to buckle, they carefully replaced the pavers and it looked great. I was thrilled with the professionalism and the quality of the work."


"Took down Chinese elm. Removed all brush. Left usable firewood as requested. Ground stump. Also removed storm damage from nearby maple. Cleaned up thoroughly, Left yard in perfect condition. Very professional job. Laid down plywood to prevent trucks from sinking into lawn. Came around 8:00 a.m. Were gone and job was done by time I got home from work. I really don't know how they could have done it better."